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Centravis masters lean-duplex 1.4362 / S32304 tool mix
17 May 2021

The Centravis company has successfully completed the work on the development of cold-worked pipes of lean-duplex 1.4362 / S32304 steel grade of OD less than 12.7mm.... Read more...

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    Oculus soars above the Big Apple's transit hub

    09 April 2021

    Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, the World Trade Center Transportation Hub in New York City suggests a bird taking flight. Enormous wing-like structures rise high above a transit and retail complex. Connecting PATH train service and 11 subway lines in one mega-station, much of the hub's activity takes place below ground. On the floor above, light floods a vast open mezzanine – the Oculus, named for a long, central skylight overhead. The interior space is framed by soaring, gently curved white ribs and streams of light. In creating the structure, contractor Cimolai SPA needed material that prevents excessive length expansion and tension. The solution? Lean duplex stainless steel from Outokumpu, offering an exceptional combination of strength and corrosion resistance.
    Produced at Outokumpu's Degerfors mill, which specializes in tailor-made, heavy plate products, lean duplex plate presents a technically sound, cost-efficient solution. In the Oculus, Outokumpu Forta LDX 2101 plate strips welded between the structure's carbon steel components act as a thermal barrier. In the process, the Oculus gains strength, durability, corrosion resistance and low life-cycle costs.

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