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Duplex World Seminar & Summit 2018

9th & 10th October, 2018 - Van der Valk Airport Hotel Düsseldorf

Duplex World Seminar & Summit 2018 Hits The Spot!

The Duplex World Seminar & Summit 2018 recently brought together leading experts from all sides of the industry to discuss the ongoing application of duplex stainless steels. The rich content and compact format of the show really hit the spot with all attendees, who seized every opportunity to ‘talk duplex’. 


Take a look at our photo retrospect...

Chairman David Barber

Winning combination: the 2018 Duplex World Seminar & Summit was opened by David Barber, from the Dow Chemical Company. In his opening words he said: “duplex has come a long way since I started my career around thirty years ago. Back then many people were uncertain about handling and welding this new material. However, duplex’s strength and corrosion resistance has proven to be a winning combination of properties.”

Plenary session

Broad church: rapt attention during the opening plenaries. Attendees comprised an eclectic mix of materials professionals coming from suppliers, end users, EPCs, university institutes, fabricators, stockists, etc

QA/QC practices

QA/QC session: Bruce Cowe (Total Upstream Danmark) and Joelle Greenwood (Mannesmann Stainless Tubes) joined their considerable forces to moderate a session on QA/QC practices. Shortly after this photo was taken, the Duplex World organisers presented Joelle with a Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the global materials industry.

Parallel session

Exhibition: the parallel exhibition, featuring top companies from around the globe, was situated literally right outside the seminar rooms so there was plenty of opportunity for delegates to meet and discuss topics with suppliers.


Masterclass: a ‘dream team’ comprising Raymond Cordewener, Rob Spelt and Dirk Engelberg hosted a well-attended duplex masterclass, where attendees were warmly encouraged to raise questions and share experiences.

Speaker's Corner

Speakers Corner: held in the exhibition area, the speakers corner was a popular element of Duplex World with many passers-by stopping off to listen to the presentations. Photo shows Gerrit Sasse from ESAB in action.

Optimizing Duplex workshop

People interested in optimising duplex stainless steel applications were in for a treat in the workshop organised by Shell’s Marc Wilms and Sandvik’s Barinder Ghai. They really facilitated discussions and debates from and amongst the audience, so that participants could learn from each other’s successes – and failures!

CRAs in Seawater session

Dr Abdelkader Meroufel from the Saudi Arabian Desalination Technologies Research Institute delivering his keynote address on the effects of of crevice corrosion on CRAs in seawater environments.

Speakers corner

Duplex World is all about interaction, and the Speakers Corner sessions generated lots of debate and discussions among the presenters and the audience.

Open Forum

Hosted by Chairman David Barber of Dow Chemicals, the Open Forum on availability and supply chain issues featured a panel of experts (L to R): Babak Bahar (Kvaerner), Peder Claesson (Outokumpu), Han Jahren (Equinor), Stephen Courch (Aible AS), Luca Pentericci (Raccortubi), Steven Paterson (Arbeadie Consultants) and Usani Ofem (TWI).



Good food, good company, and good conversation…the outstanding catering brought smiles to the faces of all participants as they enjoyed the delicious offerings provided by the Van der Valk Airporthotel.



     A final thank you to the event sponsors (L to R) Zhejiang Tsingshan Steel Pipe Co., Ltd (lunch sponsor); Sandvik; Schmidt + Clemens; Stalatube; Outokumpu and Tubacex.

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